Skateboarding and the Grip TapeSkateboarding over the years has gained wide popularity among the teenagers specially the young men. Skateboarders are constantly reminded to skateboard safely and use protective equipment. Aside from using a helmet, it is always best to use a grip tape.

What’s a grip tape?

What’s a grip tape

You may be planning to buy a skateboard and is not familiar with it yet.

A grip tape is a sheet of paper with adhesive on one side while the other has a surface as rough as sand. This is being applied to the top surface of a board to allow a skater stay on board while doing tricks.

A grip tape primarily comes in black but there are also different colors

A grip tape primarily comes in black but there are also different colors that you can choose from such as pink, yellow, checkered, and clear. There’s even a grip tape that uses green ink. These are ideal for those who are concerned of environmental protection.


Skateboarding is an activity in which you move quickly from one place to another over hard surfaces. It is important for you to keep your balance and to stay on your skateboard. Improper skateboarding can make you fall and lead to injuries that range from minor wounds and worst to brain injury.

head injury

There were reports about hospitalization involving head injury. Majority of these people did not use a grip tape.
A grip tape is very important to skateboarding. It is of equivalent importance to using a helmet.
We know that you would like to perform tricks and be cool. But remember to do it safely.

Tricks and grip tape

Tricks and grip tape

One of the most important things that you need to have before you skate is a grip tape. It helps you stand on your skateboard while you’re doing tricks. Without it, it will not be possible for you to do tricks like the ollie, drop-in or tictac.

These are the most basic but without the grippy, you won’t be able to perform tricks not even the easiest. Using the grip tape will help you skate around the park with ease. It will help you avoid falling.

The best grip tape

The best grip tape

Choosing a grip tape is very important. There are things that you need to consider. Don’t just go for the cheapest, check first what it can offer. Weigh your options.

grippy grip tape

First thing that you need to check when choosing a grip tape is the “grippyness”, how “grippy” it is. It should be “grippy” enough to make you stay on the skateboard.

Also choose a grip tape with a 1.1mm thickness. Others that you will find in the market have only 0.6mm. The 1.1mm grip tape is more “grippy” since it’s broader.

practice skateboarding safely

Remember to practice skateboarding safely and use the best grip tape, the 1.1mm grip tape that you can find. Skateboarding is a fun and healthy sport as long as you do it safely.


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