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Are you a seasoned skateboard or just taking the sport for fun?

Anyone who is interested in skateboarding knows that the bearings fitted on the skateboard are very crucial. The difference between a smooth enjoyable ride and a disastrous one that can lead to injuries highly depends on the skateboard bearings. These fact has led to a rising trend in skateboard bearings spin test.

However, the skateboard bearings test does not just focus on safety. The skateboard bearings spinning test also looks at; durability, speed, maintenance, the ability to withstand and reduce friction. The skateboard bearings spin test have become very popular today as skateboarders want to find out the speed, reliability and smoothness of the ride before purchasing. Just like with other sports the equipment in skateboarding plays a big part on how good a performance one can deliver. These happens to be the school of thought from which skate board bearings spin test was made.

Ceramic bearings have shown a very high resistance to friction during the skateboard bearings spin test. These bearings have also been seen to spin faster and for longer. The fact has been accrued to their superiority over steel bearings in terms of quality. We have a video below that shows the ceramic bearings 2.0 spin test. The video runs for 4.54 minutes clearly showing the bearings spinning on their own with just on tap.

Next time, we will do a salt water test. Please check blog Results From The Skateboard's Bearing Salt Water Test

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    This is weird, i can’t get your ceramics to spin over 1 min 40 seconds….

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