We finished a spin test last time. Please check blog Skateboard Bearings Spin Test - All You Need To Know. This time we come to a salt water test.

Salt water and other acidic solutions found on the earth's surface will pose a risk to an unsuspecting skateboarders sporting experience.
Outdoor skating activity will not only expose your skating board's bearings to the harsh natural properties of salt water, but your bearings will also have a limited service time. To avoid your bearings from forming rust and having a poor compliance rate within a short period, purchase the stainless steel ceramic bearings.
From the saltwater test, the following results were noted.
Why should you try the ceramic bearings?
1. Choice of material used.The materials which have made our bearings mainly consist of ceramic balls and a stainless steel ring. A seal separates the outer ring from the inner ring with the ceramic balls softly rotating in between the two surfaces.
2. Corrosion resistant properties.Ceramic and stainless steel material will not react to salt and acidic solutions. Our hybrid bearings have got the upper hand as compared to the ordinary bearings which come coated in steel. Steel tends to react with salt water and form rust whereas stainless steel has got a higher corrosion resistance.
conclusion.For a longer lasting skateboarding experience, the choice of bearings to use on your board will depend mainly on the type of material used to make the bearings.


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