If you’re searching for the perfect gift for your boyfriend, son, or brother this Christmas, there’s no better way to put a smile on their face than sending them a custom hand painted skateboard deck. What you get is completely unique and is sure to blow your loved one away. Best part is that you get to choose the design and then paint it yourself with an easy DIY guide.
Custom skateboard deck
The Pavoz website makes it a breeze to build your own custom painted deck. You can be your own artist and your own brand.
The site provides a nifty design tool that allows you to upload your custom artwork, photo, or design to create your custom skateboard deck.

Why Choose a DIY Skateboard Deck As A Gift

A custom personalized skateboard deck for a Christmas gift is a sure way to show someone you care for them deeply. It shows that you put a lot of thought into the gift. It’s gives them a feeling of being special and loved.
You get a good feeling knowing that you made the design yourself. You instantly become special in your loved one’s eye’s since everyone else will probably buy the mass-produced gift items in the store.
Also, painting the skateboard can be fun. And since you’re doing it online, there is a lot of room for mistakes, which allows you to master the skill with time.

Using A DIY Skateboard Design Tool Via Pavoz

To start painting your DIY deck, visit the Pavoz website and select a deck of your choice. Choose Canadian Maple skateboard decks for the highest quality wood.All the skateboard decks on the website feature a custom hand painted design that is editable. However you can create your own from scratch or upload a new one.
Once you select a deck, you are then redirected to the online design tool, which features six functions that accomplish the following:

Choosing color

Choosing Color

Uploading custom artwork

Upload custom artwork

Creating new design from scratch


Adding text

Adding text

Previewing the design on canvas

Previewing the design on canvas


Once you’re pleased with the design, you can go ahead and purchase it from the site.

Try it now!


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